sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Novo livro: "The Tourism And Leisure Experience"

Postado por Alexandre Panosso Netto

Sabe a última postagem, aquela sobre experiência e turismo?  Pois então, acaba de ser lançado o livro "The tourism and leisure experience", publicado pela Channel View e organizado por Michael Morgan, Peter Lugosi e J.R.Brent Ritchie. Recebi essa informação na lista de discussão da ANPTUR.

O resumo do livro diz: 
People do not buy products, or even services; they purchase the total experience that the product or service provides. Experience management is seen as the way to remain competitive in markets where globalisation and technology have turned products and services into commodities. This book draws together academic and practitioner insights into the consumer experience by combining the perspectives of the tourist consumer with that of experience managers, supported by examples from tourism, leisure, hospitality, sport and event contexts. With contributions from established and emerging international scholars, it is organised into three sections: understanding experiences, researching experiences and managing experiences. It aims to provide students, researchers and managers with a stimulating overview of the current research and managerial issues in the field and as well as a resource to guide their further reading.

Creio que essa nova área de estudos está se fortalecendo. Melhor ficar atento ao tema.

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